Congratulations to the 2nd Class pupils who have won the junior category for County Monaghan in the ‘Someone Like Me’ competition! ‘Someone Like Me’ is a competition which aims to promote diversity and inclusion among primary school children. It provides an opportunity for the children to discuss and learn about these areas, and then express what they have learned in a creative way. The 2nd Class pupils worked together to create a poem which describes how each and every person in their class is unique. They then each put their handprint around the poem, again showcasing how each pupil is unique as the handprints are all different shapes, sizes and colours! Congratulations also to the 3rd Class pupils in Miss Brennan’s room, who also entered the competition in the senior category. 3rd Class worked together to design a poster with the slogan ‘Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act.’ Well done everyone! A great learning opportunity and a fantastic achievement!

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