Health Promoting Schools


The area of wellbeing is very important to us here in Scoil Mhuire. As a school, we are committed to supporting and promoting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff.

Here in Scoil Mhuire, we participate in a range of programmes to promote wellbeing including Friends for Life, Weaving Wellbeing, Stay Safe and Walk Tall. We also have a staff wellbeing committee who organise and implement various procedures and events to promote wellbeing.

The children also engage regularly in various practices designed to promote wellbeing such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, regular movement breaks and circle time.

At our school we

  • Help children to understand and manage their emotions and feelings

  • Help children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries that they may have

  • Promote self-esteem and ensure children feel valued

  • Help children to form and maintain relationships

  • Encourage children to be confident

  • Help children to develop emotional resilience and to manage challenges and setbacks