Active Schools

The Staff and Pupils here at Scoil Mhuire, strive to create a physically active school community. Physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all.

Every year, the children enjoy “Active School’s Week”. A range of activities are provided during the week for example, tag rugby, rounders, crab football, design a jersey, sports quizzes, temple run and parachute games. Teachers also make an effort to plan active lessons or to get outside for Nature Walks or Maths Trails.

Sports day is held at the end of Sports Week. Activities include relay races, water run, tug of war, spud sprint, poc fada and penalty shoots.

Throughout the year, children are allowed access to games and sporting equipment during lunch breaks. This helps to promote co-operative play and ensures that all children are included. Children also enjoy using our new playground which has slides, climbing frames, poles, a spinning cup and an obstacle course.

Teachers in Scoil Mhuire know the importance of movement breaks. Research shows that active children find it easier to concentrate and focus, achieve higher test results and enjoy school more!